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We repair all makes of computers and laptops, we maintain a stock of new parts, any parts we don't keep in stock can, in most cases,
be obtained within 24 hours.

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Upgrading your computer can be a good alternative to buying a new computer package, as in most cases you will already have a perfectly good monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and other accessories that will end up costing you money to get rid of them.
A simple upgrade such as additional memory can greatly improve the performance of your computer, but in some cases even a small upgrade is not economically viable, we can check your system to see what upgrades would work for you.

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Virus removal

Many viruses as well as some adware and other malicious software can reinstall themselves after virus programs have removed them, they can be difficult to get rid of  and each one has its own method of removal. Some of these methods can be difficult to understand and hard to follow and wrong moves can lead to damage to the computer software.
Why not leave this to an expert

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Spare parts Sales

We can source almost any spare part you require and in some cases we can offer you the option of a second hand part.

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Network set-up

Do you need to share files or an internet connection, a home or small office network could be the ideal solution to your needs.
Sharing files with other computers in your home or office can be troublesome to say the least, with a network you can just drop a file into your shared folder and it then becomes available to other users on your network.
With the availability of broadband today it has become important to share such an expensive resource with other users in your office or home, again this is easily possible with a Local Area Network (LAN).
It is also possible to share other equipment, Such as printers and scanners etc, with everyone on your network

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Web Design

Do you need to get your message out there into cyber space, its where everything is happening these days. you may only need a one page site to let people know you are there and what you do, or you might prefer to have something a little more complicated. either way your own website and domain name will allow you to have a huge amount of e-mail addresses so everyone in your office can have their own e-mail address with its own password.

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New Computers

We can advice you as to the type of computer for you, we can cut through the jargon and provide you with a computer that suits your needs.
No trained sales people, trying to sell you something you don't need.